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Each Global Town Hall will assess reform recommendations of the Commission on Global Security, Justice and Governance and present new UN revitalization and strengthening proposals through expert panel discussions, Plenary Speakers, and Global Town Hall dialogues – both off-line and in person – with conference Participants.


The Boulder - Denver Global Town Hall

Saturday, July 21 through Tuesday, July 22, 2018

 University of Colorado Campus, Boulder, CO (July 21-23)
Denver University Campus, Denver, CO  (July 23-24)

Participants will discuss UN renewal recommendations of the Commission on Global Security, Justice and Governance, and others, through the lens of:

-Improving Multi-stakeholder Governance and Institutions - Considering the European Union experience, Regional organizations, a UN Global Partnership, Sustainable Development Goal 16, the Global Parliament of Mayors, the Global Covenant of Mayors, a UN Parliamentary Network / Assembly and other models.

-Climate, Sustainable Development and Global Economic Security – Modeling a wholistic and proactive response to climate change, poverty and rising inequality, and global financial manipulation.

-Violence and Atrocity Prevention – Expanding the concept of Responsibility to Protect (R2P) to Prevent, Protect, Rebuild, thereby integrating mediation, peacekeeping, and peacebuilding; Assessing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Ban Treaties.

 -The Rise of the Global Citizen – What does the evolution of individual identity toward global citizenship portend for global security, justice and governance? Is the rise of authoritarian nationalism a reaction to the growth of the global citizen identity? How do national and global identities co-exist, or even enhance each other?

-Organizing for the formal intergovernmental negotiations prior to the 2020 World Summit.

                  The Roles of Women in Peace and Security

                will be fully integrated into all discussions.

Saturday, July 21

5:30-7:00pm       Welcoming reception for 60/ppl (Earl James, President, Global Voice, and University Leadership)


Saturday, July 21

7:00-9:00pm        Invitation only dinner for approx. 15/ppl, hosted by Western Union (at local restaurant)

Guests including: Madeline Albright, Former Secretary of State; David O’Sullivan, Head of EU Mission to the United States; Tim Wirth, Former Colorado Senator; Phillip DiStefano, Chancellor, University of Colorado

Sunday, July 22

9:30am                Registration and coffee

10:00–11:00am   Opening Plenary - Welcome (University Leadership, introduced by Felicia Naranjo Martinez), orientation to the day, conference and movement – Dr. Richard Ponzio, Larry Sampler.*

Q&A – auditorium style seating for 100-125/ppl

11:00–12:30pm   4 Breakout sessions on key UN / governance renewal themes**,

30 – 40/ppl each

12:30–2:00pm     Lunch with Keynote Discussion – Ambassador O’Sullivan and Madeline Albright (livestream), 125/ppl

2:00-4:00pm        4 Breakout Sessions, 30 – 40/ppl each

4:15-5:00pm        Reception for 60-80/ppl (hosted by CU) GTH Global Governance Innovator Certificate to Dr. Joseph Schwartzberg


Monday, July 23

8:15am                Registration and coffee

9:00-10:00am      Opening Plenary GTH - Tim Wirth (livestream)– auditorium style seating for 125/ppl

10:00- 12:00pm   4 Breakout Town Hall sessions/hackathon (live stream, students, twitter questions), 20-30/ppl

12:00-2:00pm      Box Lunch Closing Plenary – Next Steps: A Town Hall dialogue. (livestream) - auditorium style seating for 125/ppl


Global Town Hall – Denver University


Monday, July 23

6:00-7:00pm        Reception -  Welcome, Earl James

7:15-7:50pm        Fundraising Dinner

7:50-8:00pm        Introduction – DU Chancellor Rebecca Chopp,

8:00-8:45              Keynote - Madeline Albright (video record)

8:45-9:00             Closing – (Richard Ponzio or Tim Wirth)


Tuesday, July 24 – University of Denver

8:30-9:00am        Registration and Coffee

9:00-9:15am        Welcome – Dan Baer, Diplomat in Residence, Josef Korbel School of International Affairs

9:15-10:45am      Town Hall Plenary – Roundtable and Q &A review/discuss outcomes of Sunday/Monday governance-theme dialogues.  Theme session leaders.

10:45-11:30         Closing to include next steps/looking forward – (Ambassador O’Sullivan/Senator Wirth)




Earl James                                                Felicia Naranjo Martinez

President/CEO, Global Voice                   Executive Director, CEUCE



*Felicia Naranjo Martinez is the Executive Director of the Colorado European Center for Excellence.

Richard Ponzio is the former Project Director, Commission on Global Security, Justice and Governance, co- chaired by Madeleine Albright and Ibrahim Gambari, and he now directs Just Security 2020.

   Larry Sampler is the President of the One Earth Future Foundation.





Members of the all female Indian Formed Police Unit of the United Nations Mission in Liberia. UN Photo

A Global Town Hall Café will offer networking space, book talks, recorded and live-streamed messages on large-screen video, spontaneous event space.

Members of the all female Indian Formed Police Unit of the United Nations Mission in Liberia. UN Photo

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